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Love. Balance. Harmony.

Find Your Balance with Luxya - Singapore's Choice for Sustainable Luxury. At Luxya, we craft not just yoga mats, but a promise of eco-luxury for your mindful practice.

Embracing Singapore's vision for a greener future, we meticulously design and produce an exquisite range of yoga mats and accessories that blend opulence with eco-consciousness.

In the heart of our bustling Lion City, we stand with you for the environment. Our commitment goes beyond eco-friendly materials; we ensure every product supports a healthier planet by being 100% carbon neutral.

Join us on a journey where sustainability meets serenity. Together, we make each asana a step toward harmony with nature. With Luxya, your practice becomes a breath of fresh air for the soul and the soil. It's more than a yoga mat —it's where your mind, body, and breath align.

Embrace eco-elegance

Elevate your yoga journey on Singapore’s finest eco-friendly mats. Luxya crafts luxurious, planet-kind mats for supreme support and serenity. Unite your practice with nature’s heartbeat, one pose at a time. Embrace eco-elegance; experience unparalleled quality. Breathe, bend, and be grounded with Luxya.

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Luxya Yoga: Crafting Sustainability in Every Pose