The Real Wandering Yogi - Touring Australia with my Travel Yoga Mat

Sep 24, 2018

Guest blog post - by Melanie Hanson, Founder of Holistically Living


Touring Australia with my Travel Yoga Mat

 Wandering Yogi Travel Yoga Mat

It was a dream to one day leave the hustle and bustle of life in a city to finally explore in depth this incredible country we live in and be open to new opportunities. Sure I'd travelled a lot over the years, from short weekend getaways to months on the road to living overseas for close to two years. But as a busy working mother with school aged children, running a business and assisting my husband with his business, it was a different kind of busy that I (well ‘we’ as a family) were looking to escape.


Stressed, over worked, over tired, no time for anything, busyness and craziness had become the norm. But this wasn’t the life I wanted for myself or my family. It was make or break. It was time for change. 


With health, fitness and wellness my passion, many many years ago I started a journey working in the wellness industry. Starting as a Personal Trainer I quickly fell in love with the industry and the fire in my belly to grow and expand and support more and more women only continued to grow. Moving into nutrition and wellness coaching, becoming a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and finally a qualified Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga Teacher. 


Once the decision to pack up, sell up and hit the road was made, the next big decision (other than where to go first of coursewas to chose a yoga mat that was lightweight enough to travel with, eco-friendly, biodegradable and looked and felt amazing. Yoga has played a huge part in my life and being able to take my practice with me everywhere I go and grow and develop it was just as important to me as the caravan we bought to live in. I fell in love with the Wandering Yogi range of mats and ordered one immediately! I love how lightweight the mat is for travelling and how luxurious the mat feels to practice on. 


To date my Jungle Travel Yoga Mat has already ventured to so many corners of Australia – from the beaches of Lorne in Victoria, the grassy banks of the Murray River in Renmarkthe red sand of Central Australia, Soulful Yoga Classes in Cable Beach Broome, across the stunning landscapes of The Kimberleys, to remote beaches in the very top of Western Australia, across the outback of the Northern Territory, across to tropical Queensland and so many more amazing places still to come.


More than anything this adventure we are on was an opportunity to finally slow down and enjoy the more simple things in life.  Taking the time to travel and explore new places, homeschooling the children to spend more time with them before they grow up, being totally open to new experiences and new opportunities and more than anything being in a position to say yes to them! It’s truly incredible what the Universe delivers when you finally slow down and allow yourself to hear it speak.


Learn to just breathe, be in the moment and enjoy exploring!


Melanie x


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