Mat Thickness Guide

Choosing between these mats depends on your personal practice, travel habits, and sensitivity to hard surfaces—each thickness addresses a different need, ensuring that every yogi's individual path is well supported.

1.5mm Travel Mat

A 1.5mm travel mat, weighing just 1.5kg, is the nomad yogi’s dream. Ultra-light and easy to fold, it’s designed for the on-the-go lifestyle, offering a slice of familiarity and grounding, no matter where you find yourself. Its slim profile is ideal for those who prefer to feel a direct connection to the earth beneath them, yet it provides sufficient protection for your joints during a dynamic session.

3mm Luxury Mat

Step up to a 3mm luxury mat, and you've doubled the indulgence. At 2.2kg, it's still portable enough for daily commutes but offers a richer cushioning for your asanas. This thickness hits the sweet spot for many, providing a sturdy base for balance poses, while still allowing you to feel the firmness of the floor for those challenging standing positions.

5mm Comfort Mat

For the ultimate cushioned sanctuary, the 5mm comfort mat, weighing in at 2.7kg, is like a supportive cloud for your practice. It’s for those seeking extra joint support, ideal for restorative sessions, longer meditations, or for yogis with sensitive knees. While it’s the heaviest option, this mat is about unrivaled comfort and is best suited for a dedicated practice space where it can stay unrolled and ready to cradle you in every movement.