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Never received a reply from an address correction so it was never received and I never received a refund or any sort of communication.


Best investment I've made in a long time.
I've had a cheap yoga mat most of my life, but wanted an upgrade. Here's my take 1. it does not have any chemical smell 2. The non-slip surface is great. 3. I love the sustainability aspect of the product. I try and do my part and this matt helps 4. the overall feeling is of quality and durability, this doesn't feel cheap. I do yoga everyday and I look forward to it everyday now with this mat. Highly recommended.

Best mat ever

This mat is hands down the best mat I’ve ever purchased- it’s the perfect combination of beauty and function. The material has the ideal amount of grip, it feels soft yet is strong and durable. I recommend all the time! I bought it because it was recommended to me - worth every penny and even more beautiful in real life

Solis - Sun
phenomenal investment for anyone who loves yoga

As an avid yogi with over a decade of experience, I can confidently say that the Solis mat has truly transformed my practice. Before discovering this gem, I had gone through numerous mats that were either too thin, slippery, or simply didn't last. But the Luxya Yoga Mat has been a game-changer, allowing me to deepen my practice and take it to new heights.

Thick and comfotrable

This eco-friendly yoga mat is a game changer! Not only does it look beautiful, but it's also very durable and provides great traction during my practice.

Took a chance and was pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and grip of this sustainable yoga mat. It's great to know that I am making a positive impact on the environment with my purchase. Plus I love the simplicity of the design, maybe I'm easily distracted but this one works for me.

Found my zen

in a word beautiful, this mat has helped me refind my zen. doesn't curl like cheaper mats and feels very well made

extrememly pleased

I recently purchased this yoga mat and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The mat has a beautiful printed design of leaves which adds a nice touch of nature to my practice. The mat is also made of high-quality materials and provides excellent grip and cushioning. I have used it for both hot and traditional yoga classes and it has held up well. The mat is also easy to clean and the printed design has not faded.


I love the green, something very tropical about the design that makes me feel like I'm on holiday when I'm practicing. The mat is non-slip and I don't have to wet my hands like I did with my first mat. Love the eco-friendly company, had a few questions and they were polite and got back to me quicly with all my questions.

Just right

I had a couple of straps before and they were either too long or too short. This was was just right, goldilocks!

luxury all the way

I don't know if it's the material or the perfect grip, but this Luxya yoga mat has me feeling like a pro.

Best purchase in ages

I used to hate yoga, but now that I have my Luxya mat everything has changed. Namaste all day, every day.

Love it!

Loved that the material is good and lightweight enough to carry around. Easily adjustable straps for keeping and carrying around. Mat is non slip and is not too thin which allows me to hold my planks and suited for core workouts.

Apricus - Sunny
Mike Bailey
Great service

The yoga mat is great, my wife loves it. Prompt delivery, excellent service.

Best Mat Ever

I bought this before doing a 200hr yoga teacher training course and it was fabulous! Could not fault it!

Masculine Power

I've been searching for a mat to use for daily exercise, jump rope, stretching and yoga and wanted something a little darker. Love the energy captured here. Easy, fast transaction. Highly recommended.


The strap is good quality and the perfect length for all yoga poses. I definitely recommend purchasing this product.

Just what I needed

I wanted a mat that was easy to transport, grippy, looked good and didn’t get the kinks in it from being transported around. It’s everything I wanted. Thank you

Litus - Beach
Jarrad Parker
The perfect Present

In typical 20 something year old male fashion, I had left arranging my sisters 21st birthday present incredibly late. It’s challenging enough already seeing that her birthday is 2 days after Christmas.

I bit the bullet and asked her outright what she wanted, hoping that it would be something I could arrange within 2 weeks.. her response, “a good yoga mat”.

Despite my initial hesitation of a yoga mat as a 21st birthday gift, I did my research and ended up on the wandering yogi website.

They had exactly what I was after! Ethically made with sustainable products, great non slip surface, various thicknesses for different purposes, and most importantly.. stunningly beautiful designs!

My sister loves the ocean so naturally I got her the beach setting. She’s been telling me at least once a week how much she loves the mat, for both it’s aesthetic quality and usability.

Most importantly it was delivered swiftly within 2 weeks of Christmas at a time where this seemed almost impossible.

I couldn’t speak any higher of the products and services of wandering yogi! If you are looking for the perfect yoga mat and consumer experience, the search is over.. you’ve found it!

Thank you very much team! Be very happy customer 😁


LOVE this yoga mat, i get so many compliments on the design and colour.
I live in a very hot climate and this yoga mat is perfect for non slip!
its very light to carry and easy to clean

Would recommend!


Apricus - Sunny
Kimberley Luinstra
Great mat!

I love how soft it is and the calming graphic.

Litus - Beach
Andrea Downs
An excellent gift !!

Beautiful quality and design. Great carry strap also , a very happy friend.

Beautiful yoga mat, practical but also good enough to be artwork!

Koi fish mat

I love the design with koi swimming around each other, they just look beautifully graceful, as I invision myself looking when I am doing my yoga😅. It has great non slip grip. Just looking at this mat brings me joy.

So pretty!

I'm in love with this beautiful yoga mat, it's so much prettier than the standard solid colour mats that you can buy so cheaply anywhere. It feels like it will last forever and I'm so glad to know that it's made from recycled materials too. My only complaint is that the colours are a little darker than they appear online.