Potens - 3mm Luxury Yoga Mat

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    This aerial scene of the deep blue ocean captures god of the sea, Poseidon, in all his glory. The limitless power of this vast expanse and its constant state of change reflects our own inner feelings on the mat. As with the even changing state of the sea we notice our own fluctuations of the mind, and through a mind and body practice we learn to control this and develop an internal strength just like this sea god. 

    Luxya yoga mats have been designed to suit a range of uses making them ideal for all types of yoga, Pilates or even your regular HIIT workout. The cushioning of the natural tree rubber base is topped with a microfiber towel which creates the perfect non-slip surface for any sweaty practice.

    Includes: Carry strap

    Product features:

    1. Eco-friendly: We have consciously selected materials that are sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.
    2. Mindful Microfiber Towel: Made from 100% recycled PET bottles our luxuriously soft microfiber suede top layer provides an absorbent non-slip surface that is designed to allow for more grip, the more you sweat.
    3. Non-Slip Coating: We have also added additional stability with our unique non-slip coating that will keep you surefooted through your entire practice for years to come.
    4. Natural Fibres:In-line with our brands ethos, each mat base in made from accredited ethically and sustainably sourced natural tree rubber
    5. Multi-purpose: All-in-one premium mat for hot yoga, Pilates and general exercise practices
    6. Free from all the nasties: No PVC, latex, chlorine, silicone, toxic glue or phthalates
    7. Dimensions: Weight 2.2kg, 173x61cm and 3mm thick
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Customer Reviews

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Potent 3 mm mat

Love my mat. Would definitely recommend!!!


I love the new designs and the non-slip coating is amazing!

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